$5,500.00 / month

vCISO: Cyber Informed is a budget-friendly bare-essentials virtual CISO service. It includes assessment, planning, team engagement, and policy creation.

This vCISO service is for organizations that need a bare essentials virtual CISO service that includes:


  • Quarterly Risk Assessment
  • Quarterly Vulnerability Assessment
  • Quarterly Security Architecture Review
  • Quarterly Gap Analysis

Strategy & Planning

  • Top-Level Cybersecurity Strategy  (Create & Update)
  • Information Security Program  (Create & Update)
  • Information Security Steering Committee  (Create & Lead)
  • Incident Response Plan  (Create & Update)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan  (Create & Update)
  • Information Security Policies  (Create & Update)
  • Reports and Slides for Executives


  • Engagement with executive team, IT teams, and security teams.


  • Cyber Awareness Training and Phish Testing Program  (Training Program Creation and Leadership)



  1. This service is a remote/virtual service.  If onsite attendance is required for any reason, all travel expenses are passed through to the client and travel time will be billed at an daily rate of $1,600/day.